Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Real Learning happens in Life

The Grinberg Method is a discipline of attention. As a teacher and practitioner of the Grinberg Method profession, I practice exactly what I teach others. Put another way, I would not be the teacher I am today if I did not practice what I teach.

At the age of 20 I was finishing the compulsory military service in Israel, and what I was left with was a strong wish to learn and find my own individual direction. By chance I heard about a lecture about the Grinberg Method profession. I didn’t know what it was, but I was curious and I decided to go.

I must admit, I do not remember much about the content of that lecture, but I remember being impressed by the simplicity and respect for people’s lives that this approach offered. I also remember being intrigued at seeing how much the practitioners loved their work. The possibility of working with people and joining them in their struggle for better health and life really grabbed my attention so I became a student of the Grinberg Method.

Looking back from where I am today, I see it as one of those moments in life, where we decide that we want something, and we just go for it. I simply did what I needed to do to make it happen. I got the money together to study, moved to a new city, found an apartment and a place to work.

The studies of the Grinberg Method are structured so that from the first moment on, students find their own clients to begin practicing what they have learned. I found this exciting and challenging. At every step I had to stand behind my decision. I was in a new city where I hardly knew anyone. I was working in part-time jobs to earn money to study, and at the same time I needed people to work with to practice the profession I was learning.

Studying to become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method was a wonderful and intense experience in the classroom. Yet I felt the effects of those lessons not only in my working room with my clients, but also in all the day-to-day situations in life, where I had to push myself beyond my own personal limitations to achieve what I wanted.

More than 20 years later, I am still learning. Every day contains new moments of daring, moments of love, of challenges, disappointment, failures and achievements. I continue to train and strengthen my own willpower. In the past it was building my practice with my clients, and today it involves teaching and running the school in Berlin.

Over the years I have found that many moments, struggles and difficulties in life can become great experiences of learning and training - rather than just problems to be solved. To see things from this perspective, I need to continually remember my initial intention, and my vision. Both these things drive me to do what I do.

10 years ago, Claudia Glowik and I opened the Grinberg Method School in Berlin, and even after all these years, it fascinates me seeing how capable our students are after the first week of study. It is amazing for me to see how natural this profession is, how the fundamental elements are in each of us. I am also continually fascinated by the way in which our students don’t just gain a profession. As they practice what they teach, they also transform their own lives. Seeing students and practitioners learn the art of touching people’s lives is a beautiful process to witness and to be a part of, full of challenges, joy, personal struggles and victories.

I would love to celebrate 10 years of the Grinberg Method School in Berlin with you on 12th October. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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