Friday, July 19, 2013

Should we be positive about life?

Everyone says we should be more positive and see life in a nicer way, a brighter way, a happier way.
Pink is not my favorite color, and I am not sure that feeling happy is something I can relate to as a goal in life. I somehow do not think that life is supposed to have one particular taste, where happiness is the ideal flavour.

We wouldn't dream of creating all our food with exactly the same herbs and spices, every single time, and yet when it comes to how we feel, we already have clear expectations of how it should be. We imagine we know exactly what we should feel and want, and what we should wish to feel and want.
Life is not positive or negative. It simply is. I love someone. There are happy moments between us that are full of what people relate to as positive. But what about all the rest? What about missing one another, life considerations, pain, anger, fears, failing, being hurt, wishing to communicate and not knowing how? Why are all of these things supposed to be worth less than being ‘positive’?
Pains and fears so often create great changes in people's lives. Yet still, somehow, so many people agree that feeling good about ourselves or about life has the greatest meaning.
Some mornings I feel great. Some mornings not. Looking back, some of the greatest things in my life happened not when I was happy and positive. Some of the biggest lessons in my life happened just there, in the crack between my pains and my loves, between my fears and my wanting, where words like 'positive' or 'negative' have no meaning. Their meaning only comes into existence when we look at ourselves and judge whether a certain moment is a ‘good’ one or not.

The value we give to feeling good or being positive about life is a value that is being constantly promoted to us. When we are truly happy or positive about life, we do not report it to ourselves and usually it is far away from the image we have about it.


  1. Beautiful post, looking forward to read more.

  2. Beautifully written!

    Yes, image about reality versus reality; judgement about what is good or bad; having fixed ideas how it should be and holding on to those ideas instead of experiencing life and learning from the experience how it is really for you personally.

    Life is so rich when experiencing that whatever, it is fine...yes there are struggles, yes there is sadness, anger, happiness, joy etc....there is lots of diversity and that is great. It's all part of 'being alive'.

  3. Thanks Ami. Reality is so rich in its diversity, and as you wrote: It's all part of 'being alive"...

  4. I love pink but definately enjoy it more if it is not every days' colour. Always pink makes life odd, boring, predictable and everything else than exciting. Even if I prefered this comfortable, save, easy and known type of being for a long time I am so happy now to discover many more colours and shades without knowing before.

    Thank you for putting this experience into words, Vered!

    1. Thanks Jutta, colorful life it is, and I, just like you, enjoy pink once in a while:)